Quick Update and Apology

Hi all

Just a very brief post to apologise that I won’t be able to publish a full blog post today.  I’ve had big work thing (a court hearing in a long-running case) and the stress and physical requirements have just wiped me out, so I’m not able to sit at my computer long enough to type out a post.  Normal service will resume tomorrow with Reframing Part III: Body Image.

That’s the apology, now for the update: you may remember that I have previously mentioned an exciting type of surgery called Total Pelvic Peritoneal Excision.  Well, I’ve had a Skype consult with Dr Edi-Osagie, the only surgeon I know of who is currently performing it.  We’re going to do a drug trial to determine whether my pain is nerve-related or active endometriosis.  If it is active endo, he will operate!  I will continue to let you know how it goes.

I must say that Dr Edi-Osagie’s approach was thorough, gentle, and attentive.  I actually felt listened to, and, for the first time in my endo experience, like I had a voice in determining my treatment plan.  It is a new and heady sensation!

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Quick Update and Apology

    1. Hi MJ
      It does seem to have been successful in dealing with the endometriosis. Unfortunately, we discovered I also have Adenomyosis, which can’t be treated by excision, so I am not entirely free of symptoms.

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