10 Brilliant Quotes about Endometriosis

I’d like to finish the month of July (my first month of serious blogging) with a lighter post.  Well, lighter in the sense that it isn’t factual.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a Pinterest addict.  I don’t know what about it I enjoy so much, but I do.  And I have a board specifically for endometriosis.

That board is partly tips, but mostly quotes about endo and chronic illness, ranging from sassy to depressing.  I want to share ten of my favourites for this month below.


1)  “It never occurred to me that one day I would wake up sick and never get better.”

Wake Up Sick.jpg

This one hit me hard.  Coming to terms with what “chronic illness” – that I have this for life and can literally never get rid of it – was one of the hardest aspects of my diagnosis.  It’s really overwhelming, but this quote catches that shock and grief very simply.


2)  “Yes, hello. I’d like a refund on my body.  It’s kinda defective and really expensive.”

Chronic Illness.jpg

Gosh, yes.  This is not the body I asked for!  Sometimes it feels like it’s far more trouble than it’s worth.


3)  “Sick Girl Problem #19: Feeling incredibly guilty about being sick & how it effects those around me.” 

Sick girl problem 19.jpg

It can be really hard feeling like a burden on other people, and it really does create a lot of guilt.  You can’t do it alone, but you really wish you could.


4)  “Yeah, I’m hurting.  But on goes the mascara and lipgloss.  That’s right.  I’ll be the prettiest wreck you’ve ever seen!” 

Pretty Wreck.jpg

Makeup isn’t for everyone, but for me it can be a real mood booster.  When I’m sick, I tend to look it.  When I see myself looking sick, I feel worse.  Slap some makeup on and I not only feel like I made an effort and achieved something, but I like the way I look more and so I feel a bit better.


5)  “If you don’t find a way to deal with your demons, your demons will find a way to deal with you.” 


In other words, sink or swim.  Fighting against endometriosis is incredibly hard, but you have to do it anyway.


6) “Endo Belly” (a picture of Violent Beauregard from the 1971 movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory blown up into a ball after eating faulty chewing gum).

Endo Belly Blue.jpg

I mean, yeah.  That’s what it feels like.


7)  “Sometimes suffering is just suffering.  It doesn’t make you stronger.  It doesn’t build character.  It just hurts.” 


This is really important.  Too often pain is not something that builds you up or makes you better, particularly when it is inescapable and relentless as only chronic pain can be.  Instead, it’s just grinding you down.  You don’t have to be able to make a positive out of the negative.  You can acknowledge that it just plain sucks.


8)  “Tired of doctors.  Tired of pain.  Tired of pills.  Tired of stress.  Tired of suffering.  Tired of fatigue.  Tired of always being sick.” 

Tired of.jpg

Because endometriosis is tiring.  Trying to deal with each day in an exercise in exhaustion.


9)  “When I am resting because my body is weak, I need to remember that I’m not wasting the day doing nothing.  I’m doing exactly what I need to do.  I’m recovering.”


This is a really important reminder for me, because I HATE just lying around not doing anything.  It’s boring and I feel like I’m a waste of space when I’m going it.  I need to keep telling myself that I’m not, but if I keep pushing myself, I soon will be because I’ll be incapable of anything.


10)  “Me: I need to do a thing.  Body: You did a thing yesterday.  That’s enough things.”

Doing things.jpg

It’s so true.  I made pancakes today, so I need a day off to recover from standing up to do it.  It’s ridiculous, but unfortunately body is the boss.


What quotes have you seen that made you laugh, cry, or go, “Wow.  True”?  Share your favourites below.  Also, drop your pinterest names or boards and I’ll follow you!  You can follow mine here: https://www.pinterest.com.au/bubblesinthebrain/


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