Day One

I have never had a blog before.  Part of me is filled with self-loathing, because my generation (hello, fellow millennials) is so frequently criticised for being filled with sad, desperate people who can only find fun at the end of a selfie stick and validation at the hands of the internet.  Part of me is nervous, because, hey, validation is nice.  And part of me is really looking forward to it, because I think I can contribute something to this vast thing we call the world wide web, and even if I can’t, I like writing.  I want to do more of it, and I hope this is going to help me.

What do I propose to write about?  The things I love.

The things I love are pretty varied – I love clothes, pretty hair styles and makeup.  I love my city.  I love animals and nature.  I love feminism, veganism and religion and how those three things interact in my life.  I love travel and weddings and books and crafts and cooking.

I’m not planning on putting all of these things in this blog (not all at once, anyway).  I want to show off some styles I love, but I also want to talk about my experiences, whether they relate to travelling, managing a relationship, or working as an aspiring lawyer.  I do want this blog to appeal to my readers (if I have any), but most of all, I want it to be somewhere for me.

I also want to write about something I hate.  Something I really, really hate.  Endometriosis.  The disease that has ruined my life.  I want to help people now facing the momentous task of learning to live with it, and support those who have been slogging through it for many weary years.

So welcome to my brain.


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